JAPOBOX ® consists of 1265 two-sided flashcards that go over the essentials of Japanese.

These flashcards are divided into 3 categories based on a topic they cover (Kanji radicals, Kanji, Vocabulary).

Design of these flashcards is minimalistic, yet they emphasize functionality and are optimized for independent studying.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, simple to understand and effective method via which you can master the essentials of Japanese in just 6 months.

The entire content of JAPOBOX® is:

  • 200 Kanji radicals
  • 725 most useful kanji
  • 1230 frequently used words
  • 30 custom card dividers

More information on how to use the product, grammar guide and FAQ can be found in the guide section.

Flashcards with description

Kanji radical card

Kanji card - Front

Kanji card - Back

Vocabulary card - Front

Vocabulary card - Back

Note: The frequency marker and frequency of usage number (on Kanji cards) indicate how often certain kanji character used per 1000 kanji characters (if the frequency of usage number of certain character is 1.00 it means that, on average, for every 1000 kanji characters in a Japanese book, one of thins is going to be that one).


What do I obtain by purchasing JAPOBOX®?

  • 1265 custom-made flashcards used for learning Japanese characters and vocabulary
  • 2 compact, durable, aesthetically pleasing and high-end quality storage boxes
  • Detailed know-how on how to effectively study Japanese and use JAPOBOX ®
  • A redeemable voucher that warrants you a discount on all our future products