Learn Japanese in 6 months

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Time-saving method

JAPOBOXⓇ uses a unique method that allows you to master the essentials of Japanese in less than 350 hours which is almost 2-times faster than using conventional methods and much cheaper than buying all the material required to learn effectively.

Divide and conquer

Every language has its system and Japanese is no exception. JAPOBOXⓇ helps you to speed up your learning process by focusing on various language components separately and combining them upon their mastery.

Familiar flashcard design

Complicated study methods yield meager results. Our cards offer minimalistic and functional, yet familiar design that lets you focus on learning. No distractions, only you and study material.

Learn what is relevant

To ensure that you are leaning a material that's truly relevant to you, we organized it in a way that takes into account its difficulty level and current relevance for the learner. This allows you to smoothly accumulate new knowledge without worrying about getting stuck or learning material that is not currently relevant for you.

Make it happen

Foreign languages broaden your horizons in a spectacular way. Want to enrich your life in ways you cannot yet imagine? Embark on your learning adventure now!


What do I obtain by purchasing JAPOBOX®?

  • 1265 custom-made flashcards used for learning Japanese characters and vocabulary
  • 2 compact, durable, aesthetically pleasing and high-end quality storage boxes
  • Detailed know-how on how to effectively study Japanese and use JAPOBOX ®
  • A redeemable voucher that warrants you a discount on all our future products